Kusuri Anti-Bac 100ml Iodine spray

by Kusuri
Based on iodine, Kusuri Anti-Bac is very effective.

While alternatives that are water-based will wash off, our alcohol-based Kusuri Anti-Bac penetrates the surface layers of tissue to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and hasten the healing process.
The ulcer's red, inflammatory wound should turn pink and then white after a few days as new tissue is created.
The Kusuri 8 Piece Treatment Kit's full "How to use" instructions should be followed if the ulcer is still red after five days.

Shake firmly.
To achieve the best results, thoroughly clean the wound with Kusuri Roccal Wound Cleaner before applying the dressing.
Apply Kusuri Anti Bac on the area of the wound.
Do not dry off before using Orahesive Powder right away.
For complete instructions, see "How to use" for the Kusuri 8 Piece Treatment Kit.
Before returning fish to the pond after taking medication, let it dry.

Please make sure you read, comprehend, and adhere to all the safety instructions on this product's label.

When handling chemicals, kindly refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking.

Put on disposable vinyl or latex gloves and safe eyewear.

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