Kusuri Eco Pure

The biological product Kusuri Eco Pure breaks down organic sludge, fish waste, flocculates particulate matter, improves water clarity, and contains helpful denitrifying bacteria strains that have been bio-fixed to a dense powder catalyst.

Algae and blanket weed contribute to keeping the water clean and clear by reducing the need for biological oxygen.

Weekly additions help Kusuri Eco Pure's beneficial microorganisms use the surplus nitrogen and phosphate.
Every pond is unique; while some ponds can be treated with Kusuri Eco Pure in just two weeks, most ponds will require four to eight.

As a preventive, use early in the season, followed by regular dosages.

dose for maintenance.
Use the provided cup, and for every 1000 gallons of pond water, add two heaping cups.
In a plastic bucket, swirl the calculated amount into 1 gallon of pond water.
Every week, use this solution to clean the pond's perimeter.

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