Kusuri Kolor

by Kusuri
The newest product to be added to the Kusuri food line is Kusuri Kolor Koi Food.
This highly tasty, low waste diet from Kusuri has been enhanced with paprika and spirulina specifically designed to enhance the depth and colour of your Koi.
Guaranteed to enhance your Koi's appearance.

The highest grade proteins and colouring agents are found in Kusuri Kolor Koi Food.
The unique formulation of Kusuri Kolor contains paprika and spirulina to naturally encourage superb colour depth in your koi.
This 35% protein food can be fed down to 10°C thanks to wheatgerm, soy, and fish meals.
This food can be combined with others from the Kusuri line at temperatures over 20°C to maximise and encourage healthy development as well as colour.

Basic Evaluation:

Ash 7%, Fiber 4%, Oil 8%, and Protein 35%
1.6% calcium, 8% moisture

For ideal outcomes:

When the water is above 10 °C, this high-protein food should be fed.
Small amounts of food spread out throughout the day is the ideal strategy for maximising colour enhancement while preserving water quality.

Kusuri Kolor Koi Pellet Food can be combined with Kusuri Premium, Kusuri Multiseason, Kusuri Growth, or Kusuri Supersilk when feeding larger Koi (3 years and older).

Kusuri advises that all food containers be stored in a cold, dry place with the lids on at all times.
Never give out spoiled food.
Improved digestion may result from soaking pellets in water or fruit juice.

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