Kusuri Multi-season 5kg (Pouch)

by Kusuri
A new Multiseason floating Koi food has been introduced by Kusuri Products; it is made using an advanced recipe that excludes all wheat flour.
Koi are notorious for having a poor ability to digest and utilise carbohydrates.
Additionally, the Kusuri-Multiseason formula contains organic Prebiotics made in Japan, which nourish the intestinal microflora and support a healthy colony of vital digestion bacteria.
As a result, along with low levels of carbohydrates, even more nutrients are digested, promoting growth throughout the year with the benefit of producing a lot less waste!

The intestinal tract also experiences the probiotic effect because the intestinal immune system is developed effectively, preventing the growth of potentially dangerous microorganisms.
As with all Kusuri Koi diets, Multiseason contains immune system boosters, garlic, fishmeal, research-proven Kusuri Klay, shrimp, krill, and kelp.
Kusuri-Multiseason is ideal for use at all feeding water temperatures down to 10°C and is free of alternative proteins, bovine/poultry, meat products, and bones (50f).

Basic evaluation
38% crude protein, 8% oil, 2% fibre, 9% ash, and 8% moisture.

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