Kusuri PRO-100 500ml

Through infections of wounds and ulcers, a number of harmful pathogenic bacterial species, including Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, and E. coli, can result in catastrophic fish losses in ponds.

Without using antibiotics, disinfectants, or any other kind of chemical goods, Pro-100 is an efficient preventative water treatment method.

Pro-100 will help with the natural therapeutic recovery from illness and infection, but it is not a direct cure for wounds and ulcers.

Pathogenic microorganisms that are free-living will be decreased with Pro-100.
Infected skin tissue-level bacteria cannot be reduced directly.
By absorbing the nutrients that the pathogens need to survive and grow, the colonies of helpful bacteria outcompete harmful pathogen strains.
By taking up their residence, starving them out of the food chain, and replacing the destructive bacteria with helpful bacteria, Pro-100 effectively lowers pathogen populations.

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