Kusuri Sedate (Phenoxytol) 100ml

Koi Sedate, also known as Kusuri Masuizai, is used to sedate fish, lower their stress levels, and quiet them down in order to perform quick operations or collect mucus scrapings for parasite identification.

This non-harmful acetone solution for mild sedation is safe to use.

Kusuri advises keeping this product above 13 °C in storage.
Avoid letting the product freeze because it will harden below this temperature.

For every 9 litres of pond water, use 10 ml.

Put enough water in a good bowl to completely submerge the fish.
Aerate with an air stone after adding a calculated dose of Koi Sedate.
Put fish in bowl and tilt it to one side (normally 2-3 minutes).

Add times the required dose for euthanasia.
Use without salt.

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