Large Foam Sets 43" x 21" CMF

To maintain effective water filtration and lengthen the life of your filter, replace your old foam filters.

For almost all sizes and types of box filters, we provide filter foam sets.
Profiled foam is provided in groups of three, each about an inch thick.

Fine (Green), Medium (Black), and Coarse (Blue)

These filters are made in the UK from premium reticulated polyether foam that can be trimmed to size for a big, cost-effective surface.

To provide sparkling water quality, these filters can be used in conjunction with additional filter wadding.
For sparkling water quality, high-quality sheet foam may be cut to any size, providing a large, affordable filter surface. It can also be used in conjunction with filter wadding.

There are 3-piece foam packs that fit nearly all sizes and types of biological box filters.
Each set is typically given with three distinct dimpled foam grades.

The typical sizes range from about

17″ x 11″,\s 25″ x 18″\s 43″ x 21″.

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