AquaForte Superbead Filter Large

A filter called the SuperBead combines mechanical filtration with biological purification in a single piece.

It is available in two colours and two sizes, Small and Large.

It can be utilised in Koi ponds, pools, or bathing areas.
Only gravity installations with a grid pre-filter or a drum filter should use this kind of filter.
This filter is distinguished from other bead filters by two key features:

- It is a low pressure filter that can only be fueled by pumps of the same kind (no pool type pumps, the use of pressure pumps is even dangerous).

- The second distinction is that it requires only a straightforward valve to be handled for maintenance.
An automatic system can at most handle this upkeep.

In typical use, the upper portion of the filter agglomerates small polypropylene components (beads - area of 1300 m2/m3).
This substantial bed of floating beads creates a wall that traps dirt from the pond's water.

Because water can ascend slowly and uniformly via the beads that serve as bacterial supports, the pump discharges water from the bottom of the filter to the top of the filter.

This filter, because of its effectiveness, keeps in one pass:

> 100% of 50 micron or larger particles

between 20 and 50 microns in size, or more than 60% of the particles.

> 50% of particles between 5 and 20 microns in size.

The Superbead Large, which includes 75 kg of beads, is suitable for a basin with a maximum volume of 35 m3 (included in delivery).
When a filter is used for an indoor pool, the use of a pre-filter is advised even if it is not necessary.

The SuperBead Large can only be put in ponds with a volume of less than 15 m3, which will not be close to plantings, if conditions do not allow the installation of a grid prefilter in an outdoor pool.

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