Matsuko Switch Box with Timer

Timer for Matsuko Switch box

The Matsuko Switch Box Timer gives you a lot of control over your gadgets because it lets you turn five separate lines on or off and has the additional capability of giving each line five preset times.

Our device is incredibly robust, waterproof, and meets at least IP56 standards, making it completely flexible for outdoor use (to IP66 dependent upon installation method).

The new features of the Matsuko Switch box include

new electrical terminal blocks with rapid releases

The terminal blocks have been moved for better connections.

orange rear housing that is new

upgraded electronics

Specifications for the Matsuko Switch box Timer

Timer with five programmable switches

Each connected gadget can be individually set to switch on or off five times daily.

Superior power capacity: 3000 Watts overall unit capacity and up to 1500 Watts per line.

IP56-rated for outdoor use

Easy to install, designed to match your garden's aesthetic

Complete adherence to UK electrical safety regulations

No effort control

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