Micro-Beast MB20 Bead Filter No Media


Microbeast MB20 E500 Bead Filter (No Media) with 1.5 inch connections

Dimensions: 500 ml

2250 gph Maximum Flow Rate

K1 Micro was created especially for use in aquarium filters, traditional pond filters, and bead filters.
Despite having a larger covered surface area of 950 m2 per m3, K1 Micro has the same wheel-shaped design as K1 Media.

Micro's wheel-shaped construction was created expressly to foster the best conditions for the nitrification process to occur.
Bacteria colonises in the "silent zones" of each piece of micro media as it ages, enhancing nitrification and de-nitrification.
This makes it possible to maintain a balanced biological equilibrium in your pond, which keeps the fish healthy and the water clear.

K1 Micro is the perfect alternative to beads in a bead filter due to its small size.
The enormous 950m2 per m3 covered surface area will not only preserve a bio-film that enhances nitrification, water quality, and clarity, but K1 Micro can also provide a number of additional advantages:

*Increased biofilm protection—K1 Micro keeps the biofilm contained within its wheel-shaped structure.

*Better solids handling: K1 Micro static beds pack closely together and have regions where solid particles and fines can be trapped, which lowers TDS levels.

*Increased flow rate—K1 Micro enables sufficient water to permeate media uniformly rather than tracking around a "clump" of beads.
This indicates that employing "like for like" pumps results in higher flow rates.


Improved flow also minimises the back pressure or resistance that the pump is subjected to.
As a result, the efficiency of the pumps is increased, and you can even find that you require a pump with a lower rating, which will ultimately save you money!

*Better cleaning: The bio-film inside the K1 Micro is protected while being cleaned.

Semi buoyant media: Because the media is semi buoyant, bead filters are perfect for using it.

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