Micro-Beast MB24 Bead Filter No Media

exceptional dependability and strength.
3.5 Bar/50 psi/350 kPa pressure rating; one of the toughest filters in its class.
The "Exotuf" filter vessels are precisely injection moulded for improved strength and dependability to handle the cyclic stresses of the modern Koi pond.
K1 Microfiltration and granular media
a multiport valve for simple operation,
has a 3.5Bar/50psi/350kPa pressure rating,
a 10-year tank warranty, corrosion and UV resistance, and a one-year warranty on all other parts.

K1 Micro is the perfect alternative to beads in a bead filter due to its small size.
The enormous 950m2 per m3 covered surface area will not only preserve a bio-film that enhances nitrification, water quality, and clarity, but K1 Micro can also provide a number of additional advantages:

*Increased biofilm protection—K1 Micro keeps the biofilm contained within its wheel-shaped structure.

*Better solids handling: K1 Micro static beds pack closely together and have regions where solid particles and fines can be trapped, which lowers TDS levels.

*Increased flow rate—K1 Micro enables sufficient water to permeate media uniformly rather than circling a cluster of beads.
This indicates that employing pumps that are "like for like" improves flow rates.

*Reduced back pressure – The increased flow also lessens the pump's back pressure or resistance.
This increases the efficiency of the pumps and may even necessitate the use of a lower-rated pump, which will ultimately cost less money for you.

Improved cleaning: The bio-film is kept safe inside the K1 Micro while being cleaned.

Semi-buoyant media: Because the medium is semi-buoyant, a bead filter is the perfect application for it.

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