Moulded Domed Aerator for Standard Bottom Drain

With the help of this product, you can convert your typical large pond Bottom Drain into an aerator.
This is perfect if you already own or are considering purchasing a normal 9′′ x 4′′ Bottom Drain since you can convert it to an aerator at a later time.

Why Use A Bottom Aeration Drain?

The advantage of installing an aerator on your bottom drain is that the rising air bubbles create an uplift that circulates the water towards the bottom drain, increasing the bottom drain's ability to remove waste and debris from the pond by up to 30%.
It not only improves bottom drain performance but also aerates the water, creating a healthier environment in your pond.

This bottom drain's design includes an aerated dome with a perforated rubber membrane.
The aeration not only benefits your pond and fish but also aids in the removal of debris from your sump, increasing its efficiency.
(Explained in the listing description's final paragraph)

The rubber membrane that serves as the aerator on this dome has been a longtime favourite of pond and koi fans, and it's not hard to understand why.
When lying on pond bottoms, the rubber membrane is undetectable.
The rubber membrane aerator differs from other aerators on the market because of the manufacturing processes utilised to create it; the bubbles are released more gradually and are larger in size, resulting in a more subdued "boil" on the surface.
A huge amount of surface area is available for aeration in the perforated dome.

A flexible airline with an internal diameter (ID) of 9.5mm can be inserted into the aerator's air input tee.
This kit includes 10 metres of clear, flexible PVC airline (9.5mmID-13mmOD)

Installing a Pump for Air

For adequate performance, we advise using an air pump between 10 and 20 LMP.

Simply connect your air pump to the airline that is fastened to the Bottom Drain.
Place the airline's tip in warm water for a brief period of time to make installation easier, then force the airline onto the desired fitting.

Rubber Membrane Aerated Dome, High Adjuster Tube, and 10 metres of Flexible Clear PVC Airline are provided (9.5mmID-13mmOD)
Manual For Changing The Dome

The process of replacing the dome on your bottom drain is really straightforward.
It will be necessary to remove your old dome from the high adjustment tube and replace it with the new one, pushing forcefully while ensuring sure the dome's spigot is aligned with the high adjuster tube.

Tube for Height Adjustment

Eco-filtration sells only bottom drains made by Air Care Products (ACP).
The 50mm height-adjustment tube on the ACP style of sump (OD)

If other companies on the market had height adjustment tubes with varied diameters, we would see a variety of reducing/joining bushings.
This will make it possible to utilise any of our replacement domes with any bottom drain sump brand.

As an illustration: 43mm/1.5′′OD - 50mmID

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