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Novex BIO Blue Monocular Microscope

by Novex
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At a very affordable price, the cutting-edge Novex BioBlue Microscope series offers a solid and superb optical and mechanical construction.

optical apparatus

The monocular and binocular BioBlue versions' DIN WF 10x/18 eyepieces offer the perfect field of view.
The 160 mm DIN tubes are parafocally aligned with the 45 mm DIN achromatic semiplan objectives.
The image stays crisp and sharp even when the magnification changes.
The BioBlue can create incredibly clear images thanks to its high precision coaxial course- and fine control mechanism and spherical corrected optics.
A height-adjustable Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with an iris diaphragm and filter holder is included with every model.

bioBlue position

The aluminium BioBlue stand is extremely stable because to its design.
The specimen and objective are shielded from damage by a built-in safety device.
The stage on the BB.4200 is simple and contains two object clamps.
The huge 130x130 mm stage with vernier and integrated mechanical translation stage with a travel range of 70x28 mm are standard on all other variants.

LED light source

A 1 Watt adjustable LED illuminator that emits no heat is included in the BioBlue.
In addition to having a low power requirement, the internal universal AC power source eliminates the need for an exposed external AC-DC power adapter.
The built-in rechargeable AA type batteries enable the microscope to run continuously for 60 hours.

Adaptive design

The ergonomics of the BioBlue have received a lot of attention.
Easy transportation is made possible with a comfortable handgrip.
Adjustment knobs that are positioned ergonomically reduce fatigue during prolonged microscopy sessions.
The stand's general form has been specifically created to adhere to current standards.

introductory technical data

WF Eyepiece
eyepiece with a 10x/18 wide field and a screw.
The eyepiece on monocular models has a built-in pointer.

Tube - 360° rotatable monocular or binocular Siedentopf type head; 160 mm tube length

Reversed nosepiece with four objectives.
Mechanism with ball bearings and click stops.

Objectives: DIN semiplan objectives that are achromatic and colour coded.
The spring-mounted 40x, 60x, and 100x oil objectives are available.

Protection - Integrated system for specimen and objective protection

Stages are offered in two sizes: a basic 120x120 mm stage and a double-layered mechanical X-Y stage measuring 130x130 mm.

The mechanical X-Y stage's translation range is 70x28 mm.

Coaxial knobs with 0.002 mm graduations are located on both sides of the focus control.
Focus control friction can be altered.

Condenser with adjustable height
Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with filter holder and iris diaphragm.

Lighting - LED 1 Watt illumination powered by three NiMH AA batteries and an internal power source (85-230V).

Packaging: Styrofoam case with spare fuse and dustcover included.

Models with S100x-oil goals come with 5 ml of immersion oil as standard.

Handbook in English (also available in French, Dutch and German language)

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