Oase Bitron ECO 180

by Oase

heightened UVC power! With 180 W of power, the cutting-edge UVC clarifier Bitron Eco effectively eliminates floating algae and dangerous microorganisms. Even with fluctuating flow rates of up to 50,000 l/h, an ideal irradiation result is always ensured thanks to the automatic bypass regulation and the much larger housing. The nifty eco-control adjusts the irradiation time according on the requirements of the season. This makes it possible to save up to 50% on energy! The ly created 60W UVC lamp has a service life of 12,000 hours, which is 50% longer, so you can also save on light sources. Additionally, replacing the light is now simple and doesn't require removing the quartz glass. Included are the tried-and-true automated cleaning system, an LED UVC control, a display for light change information, and a water temperature indicator. The Bitron Eco may be put up immediately on or even in the pond thanks to the protection level IP68. The nominal voltage is 220 - 240/50 Hz, and the cable's length is 5 metres. A 1 1/2 "and 2" connection is made possible by the Bitron Eco. Connectivity to ProfiClear, BioTec 30, and BioTec ScreenMatic 36 is ideal. You are given a two-year warranty plus a one-year required warranty.

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