Oase Proficlear Premium Compact-L Gravity

by Oase
For small to medium-sized bodies of water, this compact drum filter from the ProfiClear Premium series is the more affordable option. For koi ponds up to 35 m3, the compact modular filter system is especially well-suited. Leading koi specialists were contacted during the range's development. The highest amount of water that can pass through the filter using the gravitational principle is 25,000 litres per hour. The moving bed mechanism with this fully self-cleaning drum filter unit ensures ideal water circulation and cleaning. Water contaminants and nutrients are effectively broken down by professional Hel-X bacteria. The great separation efficiency is ensured by a depth filtering of up to 60 microns and a Hel-X 13 filter medium with a much wider surface.

For ponds up to 140.0 m3 in size.
The Easy Garden Control System (EGC) allows for convenient control of all settings via an app; existing systems can be upgraded using a separately available upgrade kit.
Affordable replacement for smaller ponds, especially koi ponds

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