Oase Proficlear Premium Compact-M Pumped

by Oase
For ponds up to 80.0 m3 in size.
The Easy Garden Control System (EGC) allows for convenient control of all settings via an app; existing systems can be upgraded using a separately available upgrade kit.
Affordable replacement for smaller ponds, especially koi ponds
Drum filter technology makes it simple to remove contaminants from the filter by automatic extraction of coarse material.
available in both the pump-fed and the gravity-fed versions
Control every parameter easily with an app and the Easy Garden Control System (EGC)
utilising the Moving Bed System for ideal water cleansing and movement
Deep-bed filtration with a high separation capacity down to 60 microns
Hel-X 13 filter medium with greatly increased surface area for efficient nutrient and pollutant breakdown
Innovative and dependable German-made goods (except pressure pump)
Specifically cleansed pond water is used to flush the filter. Consequently, there is no need for a fresh water connection.
functioning that is exceptionally silent due to extensive noise isolation
Free-wheel functionality and individually detachable sieve pieces (no tools needed)
For dependable removal of string algae and other bigger particles from the drum, use pollution rakes on the sieves.
Minimum install height for gravity-fed systems to be completely flexible

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