Oase Skim 40 Standing Skimmer

by Oase
The Oase AquaSkim 40 is a perfect complement to the AquaMax Eco Premium models 8000-16000 and Twin 20/30000 and maintains the water surface of up to 40 m2. The skimmer basket measures 170 mm in diameter. The two-part telescopic tube, which is infinitely height-adjustable from 300 to 800 mm, makes it simple to adjust to the pond depth. The skimmer makes up for variances in water level of up to 120 mm. The filter basket has a 1.4 l volume. Up to 10 mm-sized dirt particles can pass through the skimmer. The AquaSkim 40 can be secured to the pond floor with stones that are especially stable thanks to the 350 mm base. The 80 mm pipe's modest diameter assures reduced air content, which prevents the skimmer from connecting to the universal stepped hose nozzle that ranges in size from 34 to 112.

Through the direct suction removal of contaminants from the surface, the water quality and viewing depth are significantly enhanced. Base with big surface receptacle shell for rocks as ballast
Simple upkeep with a readily available coarse trash basket
Grip hooks allow for the removal of the debris basket from a distance as well.
Watercourse pumps and AquaMax Eco Premium filter make the perfect pairing.
Pond surfaces up to 40 m2 can be cleaned with a powerful suction.

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