Otsuka Tosai Mix


A lovely mix of tosai from Otsuka koi farm.


Ready to go from 6th March 2023, and are sat at ambient temperatures.

Sized between 12 and 18cm, these are a colourful and attractive mix, perfect for anyone, whether you are new into the hobby or a seasoned pro, there is always something for everyone with Otsuka tosai, and the varieties are really well balanced.

Varities include:

Aka matsuba, Kujaku, Sanke, Showa, Doitsu Kohaku, Kohaku, Shiro Utsuri, Kage Shiro Utsuri, Asagi, Ki Utsuri, Hi Utsuri, Kage Hi Utsuri, Goshiki, Goromo, Gin rin Goshiki, Ochiba, Gin rin Ochiba, Kigoi, Gin rin Kigoi, Shusui, Tancho, Kin Ki Utsuri, Kin Showa.

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