Sander Fresh-Skim 300

A very effective freshwater protein skimmer is the Fresh-Skim.
owing to their enormous volume, water protein skimmer. The proteins as
the filter mechanism will immediately eliminate any that
have a considerably easier task to complete. In terms of biological burden, the
Aside from the fact that the air bubbles will be smaller, the water level
raise the water's oxygen content. It will benefit both fish.
growth and water transparency. The suggested flow is based on
based on a minimum 1-minute contact time, making the Fresh-Skim
also certified as a secure ozone reactor Utilizing ozone, we
a residual ozone destroyer for the air outlet be used is advised.
to stop ozone from being released into the air.
The redox electrode can be attached to the pipe in two ways.
system: prior to the ozone, between the pump and the skimmer.
dosing), or in the skimmer's return pipe (after the ozone
Using both is preferable (dosing). There are larger skimmers available on
demand. Each year, the ceramic air diffusers should be changed to
preserve utmost effectiveness. You should feed the skimmer with
filtered water before (i.e. after a sieve- or drum filter)
and the water should freely flow back into the pond by
without any head pressure, gravity

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