Shower Tube with Sieve Stone

The Shower Filter has Crystal Bio material and works well as the primary filter for quarantine tanks, garden ponds, and koi ponds. The Shower Filter is also a great supplement filter for garden ponds and koi ponds that already have filtering systems in place.
With a temperature of above 90 Crystal Bio is a special, environmentally friendly filter-media that produces a hyperconnecting glass cell structure. This results in media that have a surface area that is at least ten times larger than typical plastic substitutes. Furthermore, compared to other porous filter media, the weight is incredibly light: The weight of 100 litres of Crystal Bio is 15 kilogrammes. Above the filter media, the Shower Filter can alternatively be ordered with a built-in 300 micron stainless steel sieve. The 50-litre Crystal Bio media is included with this version of the Shower Filter.
A 90mm sieve waste outlet is also included in the PE housing.

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