Stand for Multi Cyclones Filters

The MultiCyclone is a filtering system that can conserve water and cut down on filter maintenance. The MultiCyclone operates on the principle that
centrifugal filtering of water. There are no moving parts to break down or need to be cleaned or replaced.
The MultiCyclone's clear sediment sump makes it possible to see the silt buildup as it occurs. Cleaning it only requires opening the
purging switch. Only 15 litres of water are released to remove the silt from the unit. Pre-filtering with the MultiCyclone will increase the lifespan of
your current filter
Both of the 2 1 2 mm and 63 mm fast connect unions are included with the unit.
- The maximum flow is 3 m3/h. 30m3/hr is the flow.
- Max. 4 bar is the pressure.
- The MultiCyclone needs to be set up following the pump.

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