38mm Suction Hose 10m

Professional pool/pond vacuum for immediate maintenance!
The entering water will be continuously pumped out to waste due to the submersible pump in the unit's base.
Incoming water is first pre-filtered to remove debris such as leaves, algae, tiny twigs, pebbles, substrate, etc. through a fine mesh filter bag.
Large zipper and simple removal make for quick cleaning of this filter bag.
The 900 watt filthy water submersible pump will pump the water that passes through this filter mesh bag out to waste or, if water loss is not desired, to a finer filter (such as a sieve filter, drumfilter, fleece filter, or another filter).
A professional Storz connection (fibreglass reinforced) is attached to the waste hose.
The draining rate is 7 m3/h.

The vacuum cleaner may be utilised up to 2,5 metres beneath the surface thanks to the strong 1400 watt suction turbine.
Large wheels and a secure hand grip make moving around the pond simple.
19 kg total weight.
The only pond cleaner in its class with the GS (GeprTM14fte Sicherheit) certification is the Vacuum Cleaner XL.

A telescopic pole (1.5–4.5 metres) and a universal (transparent) suction nozzle are included with the Vacuum Cleaner XL.
Separate 5 or 10 metre suction and discharge hoses are provided.
Separately offered suction heads include a triangular-shaped suction head and special substrate/gravel suction heads.

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