TF-1000 Pond Drum Filter


Burtons TF-1000 Drum Filter:

The burtons TF-1000 drum filter is the most premium filter in the Burtons range, and it really is the Rolls Royce of filtration units, being able to handle with 110,000 litres of water passing through the drum per hour!

  • Our through-flow drum filters feature more inlets and outlets than our standard range.
  • They have 3 x 110mm inlets on the front and the back, and 2 x 110mm outlets on either side of the drum.
  • The waste shoot also features an additional 2 cleaning tips to avoid build up of waste in the internal end of the waste shoot.
  • As standard in the Burtons range, these drums come with a 60 micron screen, and a weather proof auto control box, in which you can wire in and control both your UV’s and your pumps.
  • The drum filter is fitted with a cover switch, which cuts power to the motor (and UV’s if wired in directly) when the cover is lifted off.
  • Our drum range is suitable for both pump fed and gravity fed systems.
  • Installation height above water level is 25cm.
  • Suitable for flow rates up to 115,000lph
  • Low energy consumption 1.3watts in standby mode and 150 in cleaning.
  • Dimensions (WHL) 658 x 740 x 1524 (MM).

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