TF-500 Pond Drum Filter


Burtons TF-500 Koi Pond Drum Filter

  • Our through-flow drum filters have additional inlets and outlets compared to our standard range.
  • They have two 110mm outlets on each side of the drum and three 110mm inlets on the front and back.
  • The waste shoot also includes two additional cleaning tips to prevent waste accumulation at the waste shoot's internal end.
  • The Burtons range of drums comes standard with a 60 micron screen and a weatherproof auto control box that allows you to wire and control your UVs and pumps.
  • The drum filter is equipped with a cover switch that disables the motor (and ultraviolet lights, if wired directly) when the cover is removed.
  • Our assortment of drums is compatible with both pump-fed and gravity-fed systems.
  • 25 cm is the installation height above water level.
  • Compatible with flows up to 55,000lph
  • Low energy consumption, consuming only 1.3 watts in standby mode and 150 watts when cleaning.
  • Dimensions (WHL) 658 x 740 x 974 (MM).
  • All units come with an inbuilt 20w amalgam UVC from 2023

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