TF-700 Pond Drum Filter


Burtons Aquatics TF700 Drum Filter:

The Burtons “through-flow” range of drum filters are some of the most premium units on the market, and are highly regarded in terms of reliability and build quality. By no means are these units cheap, but they aren’t “entry level drums” and are instead aimed at hobbyists at the top of their koi adventure, who are seeking high quality, reliable equipment which will keep their koi collection in supreme health.

  • Our through-flow drum filters include additional inlets and outlets compared to our conventional range.
  • They have two 110mm outputs on each side of the drum and three 110mm inlets on the front and back.
  • The waste shot additionally includes two additional cleaning tips to prevent trash accumulation at the waste shoot's internal end.
  • As part of the regular Burtons range, these drums are equipped with a 60 micron screen and a weatherproof auto control box, which now includes a socket panel for easy installation of UV and pumps.
  • Wash pump included.

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