AquaForte UltraBead 100

Why do you use AquaForte UltraBead filters?

• Crystal-clear water (filtered to 10 microns!

• Offers clean, biologically sound water (plant filters are not necessary)

• Small (1 m2)

• Simple to clean (clean hands)

• All water is recyclable.

• Minimal power usage (through bypass and variable speed pumps)

Highest calibre filter tank; trustworthy!

How it functions

Bead filters are pressure vessels that are closed and filled with countless plastic beads.
These floating beads offer mechanical filtration, and because to their substantial bonding surface, they also offer biological filtration.
Mechanical filtration: the beads are quite near to one another because they are floating in a closed tank.
The pressure of the pump forces the water through them, trapping the dirt particles inside the beads.
Long-term usage of the filter causes the biofilm surrounding the beads to thicken, which enables ever-finer dirt to be captured (down to 10 microns!).
Filtration of biological matter: The plastic beads' adhesive surface area is roughly 1600 m2/m3.
Therefore, a significant amount of surface area is provided by the biofilm layer on the beads for the bacteria to break down ammonium, nitrite, and nitrate.

Technical details: • Filters come with beads; • All versions come standard with a brand-new valve structure with a standard bypass.

The UB140 is also equipped with 75 mm pipes for even less resistance. The new UltraBead filters are built of unbreakable thermoplastic using the world's most dependable injection moulding technology with moulded foundation.

• Based on 1% feed per day, the fish population in the table is based.

The pump should have a recommended capacity of half the actual pond volume per hour at 2-3 metres of water column (0.2-0.3 bar) (see pump chart of the pump concerned).

A flow rate of once every three to four hours is utilised for koi ponds 40 m3 and larger. The maximum working pressure is 2.5 bar (25 metres).

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