X-Clear 3-Way Valve 63mm

by X-Clear

Made from PVC, X-Clear 3 Solution Ball Valves are an excellent way to redirect water between returns or from two suction points. Also very useful when putting up a UV light's bypass. These superbly crafted three-way ball valves are ideal for more complicated installations. For instance, they can be installed in the pipework to provide two returns (one at each end of the pond) to your pond or quarantine system, allowing you to reverse the water flow around the pond from the return pump. All of the valves displayed on this page are built to the "Highest" standards and are suited for the most complex systems - they are completely dependable, which is crucial, and easy to operate. These 3 way Ball valves are ideal for dividing water flow in two directions, perhaps for a waterfall in the summer and back to the pond in the winter. If you wish to detach the pipe from the valve itself, we also offer the Split Unions for the X-Clear 3 Way Ball Valve, which are shown below. Using the 2 inch x 1.5 inch Reducer, these X-Clear 63mm/2 inch 3-way valves can also be used with 1.5 inch pressure pipe. For usage with 2 inch pressure pipe, you will also require the 63 mm x 2 inch bushings shown below.

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