JPD Yamato Nishiki Medium Koi Food 10kg

by JPD
Watch the list of high grade protein in the components for Yamato Nishiki koi Food.
How do they manage to achieve it while keeping the cost fair?
No other meal on the market has a protein variety like Yamato Nishiki koi Food.
All aquatic animal protein serves as the primary ingredient, along with astaxanthin's colourants.

Yamato Nishiki Koi Food is a very wholesome floating koi food made entirely of natural components.
The greatest way to keep your koi in show-stopping condition is with Yamato Nishiki koi Food, a specialty koi food.
Yamato Nishiki koi Foods preserve the health of your koi by using only natural ingredients and no artificial colours or preservatives.
A 34% protein level in Yamato Nishiki koi Diet makes it an excellent general food suitable for all except the smallest koi.
The pellets produce less trash and won't disintegrate in the water.
Lactoferin, which increases disease resistance, and Hemathococcus, which intensifies red colours, are both present in Yamato Nishiki koi food.
Yamato Nishiki koi Food also contains astaxanthin, which improves the white parts.

High-quality food for growth is Yamato Nishiki koi Food.

Highly nutritious, promoting Koi growth

contains organic ingredients and appetite enhancers.

Without the green water, astaxanthins create colour comparable to that of fish in sunny greenwater ponds!

Feed only as much food as your koi collection will eat in five minutes.
Since koi don't actually have a stomach, any undigested food that is supplied in excess will move into their intestines.

Feeding this food in water that is currently or will soon be below 55 degrees Fahrenheit is not advised.

Food Yamato Nishiki koi
Assurance of analysis:

Minimum 34% crude protein, 7% minimum crude fat, 3% maximum crude fibre, 10% maximum crude ash, and 10% maximum moisture.

Fish meal, cuttlefish meal, wheat flour, corn, bean oil cake, sodium phosphate, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients make up Yamato Nishiki koi food.

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