Aqua Source Aqua Balance FILTER GEL

A live, concentrated bacteria culture called Evolution Aqua PURE+ Filter Start Gel is used in new pond filters.

The nitrifying bacteria it contains will be able to quickly colonise your filter since the gel-based solution will attach to the filter media.
The PURE+ Filter Start Gel, once applied to the filter media, will hasten the maturation of your filter media and aid in the conversion of ammonia and nitrite, resulting in less stressed fish.

Ponds up to 25,000 litres can be treated by 2.5 litres.


• Before using, shake vigorously to make sure the bacteria have not settled.

For optimal results, unscrew the cap and pour the liquid from the bottle directly onto your filter material.
You can never use too much gel in your filter.

• When using PURE+ Filter Start Gel, we always suggest adding oxygen to your pond using an airpump and diffuser.

• Use a suitable test kit to regularly test the water, especially before putting fish in the pond.

• If a UV-C is on, turn it off before dosing and leave it off for 12 hours following.

In order to clean green water, an appropriate UV-C should be used instead of PURE+ Filter Start Gel.

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