Colombo Cytofex 500ml

by Colombo
Colombo Cytofex Anti Bacterial Infections is an excellent treatment for Dropsy, Mouth thrush, Fin rot, and Hole illnesses.

External bacterial illnesses such skin ulcers, fin rot, and hole diseases can be effectively treated with Colombo Cytofex.
With the use of Tea Tree oil, Iceland moss extract, and Pau d'Arco-tree, Colombo Cytofex has a proven antibacterial activity based on 100% natural raw materials.

Hole disease, skin ulcers, mouth thrush, fin rot, and other conditions are primarily brought on by Cytophaga columnaris rather than bacteria (Flexibacter).
Chafin, fish lice, or diseases like white spot can harm the skin, leaving the fish vulnerable to bacterial infections.
Circular lesions or ulcers usually develop as the infection moves outward from the damaged skin area.

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