Filtreau Combi Filter PF20

PF20 Filtreau Combi Filter

A low-maintenance filter system, the Filtreau Combi PF20 provides clean, clear water without requiring daily maintenance from the user.

The filter is ideal for (koi) ponds up to 35,000L thanks to the drum filter and the 250L moving-bed bio-chamber!

One 110mm inlet and two outlets are typical on the system (110mm).
With this system, a water flow of more than 20m3/h can be achieved!

Filtreau Combi PF2 Combined Drum Filter benefits include:

Exceptional filtration down to 70 microns

High-quality flushing nozzles and a fully automated system

Drum size: 380 x 400 mm Drum filter applications are numerous

Quick disposal of trash to clean up

from the Netherlands

Dimensions (L x W x H): 93 x 55,5 x 126,5 cm

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