Filtreau Combi Next Drum Filter with External Wash Pump

Without the need for daily maintenance, the Filtreau Combi Next is a low-maintenance filtration system that produces clean, healthful water.

The drum filter makes the filter appropriate for (koi-)ponds up to 45,000L thanks to the 350L moving-bed bio-chamber and the 40W UVC Amalgam module!

Three 110mm inlets and two 110mm outlets are included with the system as standard (110mm). With this system, a waterflow of more than 30 m3/h can be attained!

The inlets and outputs are located in the front, making it simple to add this filter even in preexisting conditions.

Guide: Download

Use with: Internal Rinse Pump or TIP Cleaning Pump

In conjunction with: Bio Carrier Hel-X 17

Size: 93 cm
Size: 104 cm
Size: 102 cm

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