Filtreau Replacement Ballast for UV 40w


Filtreau Replacement Ballast/ Electrics for 40 Watt Submersible UVC Unit (Excluding LED Indicator Lights)

Unit Filtreau UVC

Produced in The Netherlands.

• LED warning when the lamp has to be replaced (must be requested on ordering as replacement ballasts do not come as standard with the LED indicator lights)

• UV-C lamp with long-life technology for amalgam (12.000Hours).

• The electronic ballast and UV-C bulb are perfectly matched.

• Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

• A two-year warranty against production flaws.

• Control that is entirely automatic.

• Extremely low upkeep.

• Very small pumps are required; pressure pumps are no longer necessary.

• An additional safety switch that activates "Safety mode" when the water level is too low.

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