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Gold Label Pond Paint Black 1l

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The concrete lining of your pond can be effectively sealed and painted over with the help of this special paint. It works with just two coats (on flat surfaces) and doesn't require primer. It may also be applied to damp surfaces because it's water-based. This indicates that it is also less hazardous than conventional pond paints. With a coverage of 6 to 8 m2, it is also significantly more affordable than the normal pond paints on the market when applied in two coats (on smooth rendered concrete). Professional pond builders like Gold Label Pond Paint because of its ease of use and second coat application time of 6 48 hours! It comes in a range of hues and sizes, is simple to combine and use, and dries in 6 to 8 hours (full cure 3-7 days). In addition to these surfaces, the paint also adheres to brick, tiles, fibreglass, and plastic blocks. It ought to last between five and ten years, giving your watertight pond a appearance for many years to come!

No Need for a Primer
operates on wet surfaces
Applying using a brush, roller, or spray is simple.
water-based, making it less harmful and easier to clean.
2-coat maximum (on smooth surfaces)
more quickly refilled ponds than single-pack paints
6 to 8 m2 are covered per litre.
packaged in recycled materials

Prepare your pond by making sure the surface is spotless, dry, and free of any blemishes like cracks. Fill any cracks you detect with Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealer as necessary. For extensive cracks The surface should be solid and clear of dust. V out the crack to about 10 mm, prime it with PVA (per the manufacturer's recommendations), and then fill it with Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealer.

Paint preparation Please take note that while though Gold Label Pond Paint is significantly safer than typical resin systems, it is still advised that you prevent contact by wearing gloves or a barrier cream. Please click this link to access our gloves. Splashes ought to be cleaned up with soap and water.

The hardener is at the top of your paint can, and the paint is at the bottom. Stir the paint well before adding the hardener. Mix the paint in the bottom pot with the hardener for at least two minutes (VERY IMPORTANT). The paint can be used after mixing for approximately 1.5 hours in room temperature. (The timing will be shortened over 20
When the paint is ready, apply it using a brush, roller, or sprayer, making sure to cover all the nooks and crevices. Apply a minimum of two coats (the second coat can be applied once the first coat is touch dry, which takes around 6 to 8 hours at 20  Depending on the meteorological conditions, the paint will begin to harden after 12 hours and complete hardening in 3 days. After the surface has fully dried, thoroughly wash it and let the water drain before refilling it to use again. B: Wait 24 hours before adding any cattle, and if there is any residue on the surface, skim it off.

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