Gold Label Pond Paint Clear 2.5L

Black Aqua Pond Paint by Gold Label

The market for pond paint has recently seen the introduction of Gold Label Aqua Pond Paint.
It's been made to make pond sealing easier.

Water-based Gold Label pond paint has an activator, which makes rolling or brushing easy and drag-free.

Compared to most pond paints now on the market, Gold label Aqua pond paint will cover around 6–8 metres per litre.
On most ponds, two coats will be sufficient.
Very fast curing times enable speedy refilling.
(Read the directions carefully before starting.)

Gold Label Pond Paint Directions: Before painting, inspect your surfaces for flaws, cracks, etc., and fill where necessary.
Make sure the surface to be bonded is firm and dust-free, and vee out any significant fractures in the concrete to around 10mm.
Apply Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealer to the space.

Then painting can start right away.
Using barrier cream or gloves to prevent contact is advised even though Aqua Pond Paint is significantly safer than conventional resin systems.
Splashes should be cleaned up with soap and water if they occur.

Application: DO NOT use in cold temperatures (below 10 °C).

1. Stir for at least 2 minutes after adding the hardener from the top unit to the paint from the bottom unit, making sure the two are thoroughly combined.

PLEASE NOTE: Once mixed, the paint is only usable in room temperature for 1.5 hours.
Over 20°C, the working time will be shortened.

2. Immediately use a brush, roller, or spray to apply after mixing.
Make sure all the corners, etc., are coated.
Use at least two coats.
After approximately 6 to 8 hours at 20°c, the first coat should be touch dry before the second coat is applied.
similar for any further coats.

3. Depending on the atmospheric conditions, the paint takes 12 hours to harden and 3–7 days to fully cure.
Before final filling, wash the painted surface once it has totally hardened.

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