JPD Fujiyama Large Koi Food 10kg

by JPD
To sustain healthy koi, Fujiyama is made of only natural materials.
There are no artificial colouring agents in the all-natural food.

The same Japanese company that makes Medicarp, Nobori, Yamato Nishiki, and Sakura also makes this koi food.

Fujiyama is made of premium fish food that is very delicious for koi

The Koi can readily eat the pellets because they are the proper size and Fujiyama is easily absorbed.

The koi food from Fujiyama, which is made in Japan and comes in floating pellet form, keeps its shape and prevents water from clouding, unlike some other brands on the market.

Assurance of Analysis:

Minimum 35% in crude protein
Minimum 5% in crude fat
Maximum 3% crude fibre

Ash: 10% maximum
Moisture: 10% maximum

Fish meal, tofu, corn, wheat, rice husks, wheat chaff, vitamins, and minerals are among the ingredients.

floating pallets, robust koi development, and delicious fish

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