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JPD Medicarp Colour Large Koi Food 5kg

by JPD
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The most recent formulation of Medicarp Color Koi Food contains more probiotic digestive enzymes, resulting in better digestion, better assimilation, healthier fish, and less waste in your pond.

One of the most cutting-edge koi foods is the New Medicarp Color Koi Food.
Within the first 10 days of feeding, the advantages of feeding Medicarp Color Koi Food will become apparent to you.
The protective mucus will become even more protective when fed Medicarp Color Koi Food, assisting in the battle against bacterial and parasite illnesses.

For the maintenance of healthy Koi, Medicarp Color Koi Food is specially developed with only natural ingredients.

Medicarp Color Koi Food effectively encourages Koi's rapid growth.
Large quantities of the highest quality white fish meal are used for high protein and palatability.

The Medicarp Color Koi Food has digestive enzyme added to it.
This top-notch recipe is simple to consume.

Torula Yeast, which promotes health and vitality and stops koi from losing weight as a result of stress, is a component of Medicarp Color Koi Food.

When you give Medicarp Color Koi Food for extended periods of time, your koi's overall health will improve and the colours will become more bright.

The only components in Medicarp Color Koi Food are natural ones.
Lactoferin and Torua Yeast are two ingredients in Medicarp Koi Food that maintain your Koi healthy and powerful by preventing infection.
The vegetable plankton (Hermathococcus) in Medicarp Color Koi Food offers your Koi very vivid colours, and the white will turn exceedingly white.

To help Koi's immune system combat sickness, Medicarp Color Koi Food was created.
Researchers from Mie University in Japan created Medicarp Koi Food in response to viral outbreaks that happened in the Niigata area.
The outcomes were outstanding, and throughout the following years, Medicarp koi Food has earned the admiration of many Japanese breeders, collectors, and hobbyists.

Koi meal made of medicarp is long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Your koi will have a natural colour that has been brilliantly enhanced when fed Medicarp Color Koi Food.

Medicarp Color Koi Food floats, keeps its shape in the water, and won't cause your pond to become cloudy.
The flavour of Medicarp Koi Food is well known.
Your fish won't aggressively swarm the pond surface in search of very many goodies!

Koi Food with Medicarp Color Enhancer

Medicarp Color Enhancer is a specialised koi feed made of premium ingredients that helps keep koi healthy and enhances their physique and colour.
Astaxanthin is a component of Medicarp Color Enhancer, which brings out the distinctive colours of koi.
The Medicarp Color Enhancer contains vitamin C to protect the white colour of the koi and to enhance the contrast between the red and the white.
Vitamin C also encourages glossy skin.

Additionally, vitamin E, which lowers stress and improves the koi's health and vigour, is present in Medicarp Color Enhancer.

Koi food components for medicarp colour enhancement:

Vitamin E 200 mg/kg, Vitamin C 300 mg/kg, Ash 8.4%, Phosphate 1.2%, Calcium 1.4%, Sodium 0.2%, and Protein 36.0%, Fat 7.0%, Fiber 2.1%, and Ash.

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