JPD Medicarp Medium Koi Food 5kg

by JPD
One of the most cutting-edge koi foods now available is medicarp.
Within the first 10 days of feeding, you will see the advantages of feeding Medicarp food.
The protective mucus will become even more protective as a result of giving Medicarp food, assisting in the fight against bacterial and parasite illnesses.
The colours of your Koi will become more bright as you feed them Medicarp Koi food for a longer period of time, and their general health will also get better.

All-natural components are the only ones in Medicarp cuisine.
To keep your Koi robust and healthy and to help prevent illness, Medicarp diet contains Lactoferin and Torua Yeast.
Your Koi will have extremely unique colours from Medicarp food's vegetable plankton (Hermathococcus), and the white will get quite white.
Medicarp food does not discolour the water and is digestible at low temperatures.
Koi can be fed medicarp meal during the winter.

To help Koi's immune system combat disease, Medicarp Food was created.
In Japan, researchers affiliated with Mie University created Medicarp Food in response to virus outbreaks that happened in the Niigata area.
The outcomes were outstanding, and during the following years, Medicarp Food has earned the respect of many Japanese breeders, collectors, and hobbyists.

Koi food made of medicarp is a long-term, maintenance food.

Your koi will have a natural colour that is excellently enhanced when fed Medicarp koi food.

Medicarp food won't fog your pond, floats, and keeps its shape in the water.
The flavour of Medicarp Koi Food is well known.
Your fish won't aggressively swarm the pond surface in search of very many goodies!

Food Guaranteed Analysis for Medicarp Koi:

Minimum 37% minimum crude protein, 4% minimum crude fat, 3% maximum crude fibre, 10% maximum ash, and 10% maximum moisture.

Wheat Flour, Fish Meal, Soybean Meal, Squid Meal, Heamthococcus, Torula Yeast, Lactoferrin, Natural Astaxanthin, Vitamins, and Minerals are among the ingredients of Medicarp Koi Food.

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