JPD Shori Medium Koi Food 5kg

by JPD
The components of Shori High Growth Koi Food were carefully chosen in compliance with nutritional studies and JPD technology.
Good grade fish and plant proteins are included in the formulation of Shori High Growth Koi Food, leading to high digestibility.

Shori High Growth Koi Food has a high protein content, low ash content, and the high quality fish meal slows down the digestion of the ash.

Astaxanthin and vitamin C, which are both present in Shori High Growth Koi Food, help to preserve the koi's striking red and brilliant white colouring, giving them a flawlessly polished body.

Probiotics have been specifically added into Shori High Growth Koi Food to assist minimise waste in the water and regulate gut function.

Shori Koi pellets maintain their shape effectively, which contributes to the upkeep of great water quality.

Analysis: Astaxanthin 16.0 mg/kg, Protein 45.0%, Fat 8.0%, Fiber 2.5%, Ash 8.5%, Phosphate 1.0%, Calcium 1.5%, and Sodium 0.4%

The Japan Pet Drug Company has been researching and developing koi nutrition for more than 100 years.
For better koi nutrition and health, these products are particularly made with all-natural ingredients.

JPD has created a line of formulations containing natural immune boosters, colour enhancement, and growth to promote healthy koi.
Direct from Japan, Koi health food is all-natural.

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