Microbe Lift Aqua Extreme 4ltr

A practical liquid, single-phase, full-function water conditioner called Microbe-Lift AQUA XTREME has been scientifically created for use in koi and goldfish ponds.

When to use Microbe-Lift AQUA XTREME:

adding (or doing so before adding) water, new fish, or plants to ponds; moving koi and goldfish; and conditioning new water for ponds.
Use of Microbe-Lift/AQUA XTREME is crucial whenever water is added to a chloramine-containing pond.
Conventional dechlorinators only detoxify the chlorine found in chloramines; they have no effect on the ammonia they produce.
In chloramines, both the chlorine and the ammonia will be detoxified by Microbe-Lift/AQUA XTREME.

BENEFITS: Detoxifies Copper and Heavy Metals; Destroys Chloramines; Boosts Alkalinity; Adds Vital Electrolytes; Adds a 3-Part Slime Coat Replacer; Helps to Reduce Stress; Instantly Ages Pond Water.

The dosage is 100ml per 750 litres of pond water.

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