Microbe Lift Barley straw extract 1ltr

The water in ponds with mature, balanced ecosystems is typically transparent and conducive to aquatic life.
The chemistry and microbiology of the water play a role in this maturing process.

In the same way that a pure mountain stream develops over time with the addition of natural breakdown products from trees, plants, etc., Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Liquid and Dry formulations aid in the maturation of the pond with natural chemicals.
These organic breakdown products frequently include humic and fulvic acids, which have a built-in capacity to bind or sequester inorganic substances.
As a result, their concentrations in the pond don't rise to a point where the ecology would get out of balance.
Through a gradual release of hydrogen peroxide when they interact with sunshine, these compounds can also contribute to the pond's natural cleansing.
In order to assist filter the water, hydrogen peroxide is produced at amounts that don't harm desired aquatic species.
In your pond, the sequestering and microbial cycling create a stable natural environment.

The unique recipe Microbe Lift Barley Straw Extract works faster and better with less hassle and expense to apply than bales, pillows, and pads. It is made with 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients and is Specifically Formulated to Naturally Balance Pond Water and Improve Water Clarity.

A natural product called Microbe Lift Barley Straw Concentrated Extract is used to manage algae in ponds.

Barley Straw Concentrated Extract with Microbe Lifting
Product attributes:

Pond water chemistry of maturity

When pellets are simply distributed into the pond, they disperse quickly. The pellets can also be packed in porous fabric socks and suspended in the pond, filter, or skimmer buffers.
Decomposition byproducts are quickly released by pH.

All Year Long Work

Pour and Tip
Containers make convenient measurement possible.

Work on contact releases begins.
By-products of decomposition instantly

not harmful to humans, animals, plants, or aquatic life

A multiple of barley straw bales is equivalent to one bottle.

Use with all Microbe-Lift Products as recommended

The organic peat content of Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Concentrated Extract softens pond water and lowers nitrate and phosphate concentrations in the water column.
There will be a residue from the Barley Straw Pellets PLUS on the pond's bottom.
This organic residue will be broken down by the bacteria in Microbe-Lift products and Microbe-Lift Sludge Away.

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