Microbe Lift Bio Blue Enzyme & Pond Colourant 500ml

In order to securely tint lakes, lagoons, ornamental ponds, fountains, and other water features a lovely shade of Black, Microbe Lift Bio Black has been particularly created.

Benefits of Microbe-Lift Bio Black ENZYME and Pond Colorant

Once diluted, won't discolour most concrete fountains, birds, fish, or pond rocks.

Safe for aquatic life, plants, and people.

gives the water a stunning shade of blue.

blocks particular light beams.

cuts down on organic waste.

reduces offensive odours

No restrictions on irrigation, swimming, or fishing.

gives ugly water a more appealing appearance.

Complete mixing takes hours.

Dosage for Microbe-Lift Bio Black:

In 1000 litres of water, 15 ml.
1 litre per 1000 m2 for large water surfaces (1 to 2 metres deep).

Application of Microbe-Lift Bio Black:

Before usage, give it a good shake.
Microbe-Lift Bio-Black should be diluted in a bucket of water before being poured into a pond, fountain, water feature, etc.
Remark: Undiluted colourants may discolour rock or concrete.
Due to variations in water quality and chemical content, the hue may vary.
Add dosage till you reach the required colour after using half of the container to achieve a certain colour tone.

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