Microbe Lift- Clean and Clear 1ltr

the Clean N Clear Microbe-Lift

A unique mixture of helpful bacteria was used in the manufacturing of this Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear to maintain ponds clear and clean.

Since the photosynthetic bacteria are cultivated in the bottle in which Clean & Clear is sold, you get the bacteria in excellent shape thanks to this special technique.

The ecology of a pond can be successfully balanced by photosynthetic microorganisms.
For food and sunlight, this bacterium will compete with the algae.

When used in accordance with the suggested dosages, this Microbe-Lift solution will offer the following advantages:

Seeds that maintain biological filters and keep your pond clear and clean.

decreases the nitrogen content of ammonia and dissolves organic detritus

Safe for plants and fish

reduces environmental stress and encourages quickly growing fish

maintains a healthy immune system biologically

biodegrades uneaten food and increases resistance to infections and parasites

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