Microbe Lift Filter GEL 500ml

A technological advance, Microbe-Lift Filter Gel is the first product that places germs exactly where you want them and keeps them there.
Any filter media, including foam, strapping, floss, bio balls, ceramic media, and K1, can be rapidly filled with Microbe-Lift Filter Gel.

By swiftly establishing the essential biological activity in your filter, Filter Gel will quickly stabilise the environment of your pond.

When you clean or replace the media in your filter, Microbe-Lift Filter Gel will also aid in restoring this activity.

Product Features for Microbe-Lift Filter Gel:

Without running, easily applies on filters pads/medaia

The same range of microorganisms as Microbe-Lift/PL is present.

contains naturally occurring biopolymers that aid in the rapid attachment of organisms to the media.
enabling an 80% decrease in filter startup time

aids in fast stabilising the pond's environment after startup and removing momentary instability that may happen when filter media is cleaned or replaced.

If a pond has a high olids loading where more frequent cleaning is beneficial, it enables more frequent filter cleaning without causing instability.

accelerates the decomposition of organic materials that cause heavy maintenance demands, reducing the frequency of cleaning.

aids in the establishment of denitrification in the filter, which can reduce pond nitrate levels.


Apply the Microbe-Lift Filter Gel directly to the filter pad or media by inoculating (spreading) it.
Before re-inserting the media into the filter or skimmer, allow the media to sit out for one to two hours to allow the Filter Gel to absorb into the pad/media.
If the water can sustain enough oxygenation without circulation for this long, turn off the recirculating pump for 1 to 2 hours after the media has been reinserted into the filter.
Apply again following each media/filter cleaning/replacement.

for use in standard maintenance
The Clean & Clear Microbe-Lift

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