Microbe Lift GOLF 4ltr

GOLF Microbe Lift

Larger ponds in general as well as lagoons and golf course ponds have been designed specifically for Microbe-Lift GOLF.

Advantages of Microbe-Lift Golf

Easy to use.

favourable to the environment.

decomposes organic sludge.

makes a pond habitat that is healthful.

Contains photosynthetic bacteria, which lowers water cloudiness.

Organic and inorganic particles flocculate and settle.

lowers the need for biological oxygen (BOD).

increases the quantities of dissolved oxygen.

Your pond is secure for all creatures in and around it.

safe for both plants and fish.

destroys dead algae.

reduces the majority of offensive odours, such as hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell).

reduces the accumulation of fish food and wildlife waste.


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