Microbe Lift Natural Algae Control 4ltr

Control of Natural Algae using MICROBE-LIFT

A liquid barley extract called MICROBE-LIFT Natural Algae Control for Swimming Ponds was developed to naturally control undesirable algae in swim pond conditions.
In order to prevent the growth of algae, MICROBE-LIFT®/Natural Algae Control binds excess nutrients found in natural ponds as a result of organic waste byproducts.
Barley straw has been used for ages to bind nutrients and help keep water pure.
In a natural process that is risk-free for the environment, animals, and plants, MICROBE-LIFT Natural Algae Control efficiently binds and ties up nutrients that are necessary for algae growth and survival.

It works quickly upon contact, releases byproducts of decomposition right away, is usable all year round, and is safe for aquatic life, plants, people, and animals.

• A multiple of bales of barley straw makes up one bottle.

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