Microbe Lift Natural Sludge reducer 4ltr

Natural Sludge Reducer MICROBE-LIFT

A 100 percent natural liquid made from humus-based ingredients is called MICROBE-LIFT Natural Sludge Reducer for Swimming Ponds.
By removing organic bottom particles, debris, and muck that disintegrate slowly and promoting rapid bio-enzymatic breakdown, this innovative formulation was developed by soil scientists to promote the natural process of organic water purification.
This technology has been applied all over the world to improve water quality and clarity, as well as plant root system nutrient uptake, assist in the control of undesirable algae, and boost the performance of pond bogs (regeneration areas/plantfilters).
When used in conjunction with MICROBE-LIFT Natural-Clear, MICROBE-LIFT Natural Sludge Reducer helps eliminate waste organic matter while boosting pond bog efficacy and bottom solids removal.

100% natural components made from humus.

pond water and pond bogs are cleaned of organic muck and sludge.

minimises the amount of muck and sludge in the bog-planted filtration region.

improves water quality by stimulating and accelerating biological breakdown and removal of organic waste.

increases nitrogen uptake by the plant's roots.

Protective of people, animals, plants, and the environment.

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