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Microbe lift- Nite-OUT 1ltr

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The MICROBE-LIFT NITE-OUT II is made especially for ponds with marine life.
Its highly specialised microbial consortia of nitrifying cultures is designed specifically to remove ammonia through nitrification, a normal biological process.
Active up to 4°C (best results at 13°C and above).

By establishing, promoting, stabilising, and maintaining nitrification in pond waters, the cultures in MICROBE-LIFT NITE-OUT II will remove the damaging effects of ammonia.
Select strains of Nitroso-monas, Nitrospira, and Nitrobacter are present in MICROBE-LIFT/NITE-OUT II liquid nitrifying bacteria.
Ammonia is converted to nitrite by Nitrosomonas, whereas nitrite is transformed into nitrate by Nitrobacter and Nitrospira.


quickly starts the nitrification process!

encourages steady nitrification

gives stable nitrification in cold weather.

Safe to use around both animals and plants.


High amounts of BOD can limit nitrification by competing with the nitrifying microorganisms for essential oxygen, therefore when ammonia removal is needed, start by reducing the organic waste in the pond with MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear.
Wait 24 to 48 hours after using Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear to let it finish its job before using Microbe-Lift NITE-OUT II.
In the absence of NITE-OUT II (to start and maintain nitrification).

Verify that the pH of the pond is within the ideal range for nitrification.
The pond's pH should be adjusted to be between 7.5 and 8.7, and you should also make sure there is enough alkalinity because it must always be at least 50 ppm.
This is essential because nitrifying bacteria require seven parts of alkalinity for every part of eliminated ammonia (oxidized).
Nitrification will not take place if the correct alkalinity is not present, and if the alkalinity is lost, nitrification will stop and the pond's pH will decrease as a result of the nitrifying cultures' activity.
Add AquaForte BioStabil or Kusuri Biobalance to the water to raise the alkalinity until it reaches a minimum alkalinity level of 50 to 100 ppm. Then, keep the alkalinity at 50 ppm.

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