Microbe Lift PH - 1ltr

used a deionized water formulation

2 pH increasers are included for mild effectiveness.

Contains three electrolytes to support osmotic balance.

contains a slime coat component for pond fish stress relief and skin protection.

has a chelating agent to improve the quality of the water

safely increases pH without endangering fish or plants

Depending on the water quality, it cause a temporary blurring of the water.

Test pond water at the same time every day for a pH level ABOVE 8.5 (dawn is the lowest pH; dusk is the highest pH).
Most ponds aim for a pH of 7.5 and an alkalinity level of 100 to 200 ppm (normal range).
For every 0.1 desired units of pH increase, add one ounce to 375 gallons of pond water.
Measure the elevated pH before the next addition after using MICROBE-LIFT pH DECREASE in stages.
To avoid shocking aquatic life and/or fish, do not substantially alter pH levels in your pond by more than 0.5 pH units in a 24-hour period if it contains fish and/or plants.

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