Microbe lift- Sludge away 1ltr

Biologically Lift Sludge

Years in the making, Microbe-Lift Sludge Away accelerates biological removal of organic waste from pond bottoms that is sluggish to breakdown and could eventually become hazardous to fish and plant life.
As organic substances build up on the pond bottom, they start to decompose and release harmful gases into the ecosystem.
These gaseous byproducts put plants, fish, and other aquatic life in jeopardy.

In addition to clearing your pond's water of any dangerous gaseous compounds, Microbe-Lift Sludge Away eliminates the bottom organic sludge and dirt.
When vacuuming is not an option, Microbe-Lift Sludge Away is especially beneficial for ponds with a rock or gravel bottom.
Warm water temperatures facilitate faster work for Microbe-Lift Sludge Away, yet it is effective all year round regardless of temperature.

Product attributes:

sludge and filth removal that is quick and natural that is 80% faster than similar products.

binds and reduces phosphate

enhances the clarity of ponds

100% active substances are present.

spreads swiftly

Does it biodegrade?

suggested dosages:

1250 litres of pond water and 100 millilitre.
100 cc should be added to 1250 litres of pond water for the initial application, and then once weekly for the following four weeks.
Following this initial course of treatment, a "maintenance dosage" should be used at the suggested rates as required.

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